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Peer Gynt

Everyone has already heard this music…
But do you really know where it comes from?

Peer Gynt is a poetic and philosophical play inspired by Norwegian folklore
and depicts a world full of trolls, fairies, fantastic forests and kingdoms.

Sonic Solveig illustrates the fantasy tale by Henrik Ibsen
and explores Evard Grieg’s orchestral score thanks to interactive musical games.

The app that makes your child a music lover!


Discover the story,
the music,contexts,
& musical games


Peer Gynt is a satirical farce that tells the initiatory journey of a man and his quest for identity. A personality surprisingly deeply grounded in the here and now. Peer Gynt lives his life like a dream, he is fiery, boastful and a liar. Travelling all around the world, he is well determined to make his dream come true: to be an “emperor, king, a ruler.”

“I am happier than I have ever been. I have solved the enigma of my destiny. Everything is forgiven since I feel myself; I, a man, I, Peer Gynt, I, who is called the Emperor of life.”


The thirteen tracks present the most famous pieces from Grieg’s work and were arranged by Géraldine Aliberti and Paul Escobar, and some original songs written by Géraldine.

Musicians : Carpe Diem group


The games of this application provide you a sensory and intuitive discovery in the heart of musical creation. This musical laboratory invites you:

  • to recognize the instrumental timbres from the “Dance of the Mountain King’s Daughter”;
  • to be the conductor and decide which instrument you want to listen in the famous piece “in the hall of the mountain king”
  • to train your auditory memory with the most famous extracts from Peer Gynt.


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This app aims at awaking children to classical music
and making them learn about scandinavian folklore and litterature.

Many musical experiences to test and share with your family or with your schoolmates !


famille nouveau fond

Memory - Peer Gynt

Instrument - Peer Gynt

scandinave folklore - Peer Gynt

Credits – Pictures: Ale+Ale. Music: Carpe Diem ensemble, arrangement Géraldine Alberti, Paul Escobar.


from 6 to 106 years old


Available on smartphones and tablets Android & Apple. // Soon available on WindowsPhone and PC