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Discover the real story of the Nutcracker

 – PART1 –

Princess Pirlipat bitten by the Mouse King, an astrologist and a mechanic in search of a magical nut which could save her, a young man wearing boots, a whole dynasty of vengeful mice, a king and a queen as cruel as loving. Here is the first tale’s tableau telling us how the Nutcracker became a nutcracker.

A new way of listening to music
by being active in one’s own listening experience

Divided in 4 areas :
story, game,disc, context

Music Tale




Nutcracker feat Sonic Solveig

Sonic Solveig realised that Tchaikovsky did not really like how simple Marius Petipa’s ballet scenario was. The composer admired Dumas’s version of Hoffmann’s story. He was disappointed and was convinced that this work would tarnish his reputation. He could not give up this project because he had already made a commitment in 1892. Reluctantly he started working on it. Sonic Solveig reveals for you the original story: how the Nutcracker became a nutcracker.

This app is featuring recordings by the London Symphony Orchestra directed by Antal Dorati.

An app
A show
Let’s live a transmedia experience…


Sonic Solveig began to think about its second app at the same time that its partner Les Clés de l’écoute started to work on the concert entitled The True Story of The Nutcracker and which was a special order from the Orchestre de Paris in November 2015. That show lasts 1 hour during which an actor and a dancer tell us the story of the Nutcracker and his adventures with Marie. Pictures from the application are projected on a screen behind the orchestra, and everything is poeticlally enlighted through an original lighting design. We aim to prepare the audience’s concert experience and to prolong that magical moment at home with the application!




A co-production by Les Clés de l’écoute and Sonic Solveig
with support from Education nationale and Carasso Foundation

Pictures: Ale+Ale.
Recording: London Symphony Orchestra directed by Antal Dorati.
The concert: producted by Les Clés de l’écoute, order from the Orchestre de Paris.



From 6 to 106 years old


Available on the AppStore, Android smartphones, tablets Soon on computer and WindowsPhone


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