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Berlioz Takes A Trip

“I will tell you why I dreamt a thousand times of my love and which musical notes depict that love…
I want to write my phantasmagorical symphony, a fantastical symphony!”

A mad high-speed chase
in Berlioz’s mind

We are in Berlioz’s bedroom. Manuscripts from the Fantastical Symphony lie everywhere on the floor. Berlioz invites us to sit and tells us why it will be the most masterly work ever written. Little by little sound snippets come to our ears and surprise us while perfectly illustrating his creativity.

An interactive story that holds your breath

Ideas tumble out, the sounds become music, the instruments turn into musical phrases and orchestral intentions. The work takes hold of Berlioz. We are helping him to organise his mind. We could almost become creators.

Musical games
& background pages

We are witnessing a moment of creation.

To be released in 2018 – A co-creation with Les Siècles orchestra


All audiences


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