Edito Sonic Solveig

Sonic Solveig

créateur numérique de contenus musicaux et sonores / musical edutainment game publisher


What we do ?


Musical edutainment game publisher Sonic Solveig was born from a double fact:

Generation Z: digital natives

Parents and teachers are realising that screens are nowadays part of children’s daily living. They are solicitous over their musical education but remain helpless in the face of a digital offer focused on sheer entertainment.

Practices have changed

Users’ expectations about music have changed. We are undergoing a full-scale revolution of practices. The new generation wants to interact, to take part in the work and to create new perception experiences and ways of listening to music.


Our know-how

Sonic Solveig invents the interactive disc that communicates with inventive listeners.
Listening is a game, listening is a creation. 


We provide value to digital media

Sonic Solveig works in partnership with musicologists, teachers, video game makers and a scriptwriter. The startup ensures the high quality of the artistic, musical and educational contents of every single app.

Learning from experience

The introduction of digital broadcasting caused a need to create, handle and share. Learning sciences has shown the importance of the experience in the learning process. Therefore Sonic Solveig gives the players musical materials to be shaped.

Provide a wide access to classical music

Sonic Solveig invites any player (novice, connoisseur or professional) to interact with the different components of a classical musical work: hear every instrument separately, chose the colours of a musical piece, take the percussionist’s place…

A transmedia experience

Haven’t you ever dreamt of taking a bit of a concert at home? Sonic Solveig works in partnership with Les Clés de l’écoute, a concert producer, and develops applications available before the concert to prepare it and/or after the concert to prolong that magic moment.



Les clés de l’écoute

“Reinvent classical music and make of the listening a game.”
Sonic Solveig and Les Clés de l’écoute: the union between live entertainment and digital technology.

Producer of concerts for orchestras and ensembles


Our supports

Sonic Solveig gets supports and partnerships with different structures and institutions such as
Education Nationale, Région Ile-de-France, Les Clés de l’écoute company, 104Factory or Cap digital.

Sonic Solveig received several prizes and distinctions:
– was selected to participate in the Living Lab organised by The Bridge and French Tech Culture during Avignon Festival in June 2016;
– won the Human Music prize from Fevis and Fondation Orange in May 2016;
– ranked as one of the five finalists for the Grand Prix de l’Innovation de la Ville de Paris in December 2015;
– was the third finalist for the Prix Bouygues in November 2015;
– represented French innovation during the French American Digital Lab in New York in November 2015;
– won the I Love Transmedia prize in September 2015.







Sonic Solveig Team


Géraldine Aliberti
Founder – CEO & artistic director

Ramzi Saïdani
Partner – Business development & strategy

Alejo Berman
Partner – CTO

Gabriel Riboulet
Partner – Advisor social media

Lucie Palazot
Partner – Product manager

Valentin Piton

Pierre Mizzi